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imaging and service

Microscope Servicing and Maintenance

We provide local (Calgary area) servicing and maintenance for all makes of microscopes. Please contact us for details on drop off arrangements and service rates.

Customer Support

If you purchase a microscope or imaging system from us you will receive professional support when you require service or wish to upgrade your equipment. We stock the most popular microscope lamps for Zeiss microscopes (and some others) and will provide loaner microscopes for customers that are having their own microscopes serviced, that need an immediate replacement. Although we only provide direct support to Calgary area customers, we can ship parts or microscopes to any remote locations that can be reached by Canadapost or dropped at Greyhound depots. If you’re out on a remote drilling location, we can ship to the nearest Greyhound depot for pickup. For our main customer base, the Canadian Oil Patch, we understand your job, the importance of timely response and your demand for excellent products and support.

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