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A prudent line of questioning we ask in business is “Do I need a certain piece of equipment to perform my job, or do a better job, and will the cost justify the use of the equipment and recoup my investment in it?” If you are never asked to take photos through your microscope by your employer or client, and have discussed the subject with them, don’t buy a microscope-friendly camera until you are. If you are rarely asked to take a photo, consider an inexpensive “consumer” camera, either used or new, such as the Nikon Coolpix series (990, 995, 4500, no longer made but readily available on eBay) or the Canon Powershot series (A620, A640, G6, G7, G9, G10, G12) These models can be connected through proper adapters and take very good pictures.

If you need to routinely take photos for sophisticated applications, the Zeiss Axiocam series is a well established, high performance line that offers superior imaging and the powerful Axiovision software.

An excellent, and cost-effective alternate for those seeking a Professional grade camera is the PixeLINK® line. Select PixeLINK® Cameras link (at left) to see a description of this line and example images.

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